Our Classrooms


Our preschool classes see this page consist of ages six the original source weeks through three years old. We have an infant classroom, a one year old classroom and a two year old classroom. All classes are are learning focused and we assist the parents in potty training when necessary!

Private Pre-K

Our private Pre-K is for ages three to five years old and is structured to prepare our children to be successful in the transition to grade school. We have classroom learning and hands on projects to  ensure that the children are adequately prepared  for school before they graduate from our center!

GA Pre-K

We are recipients of the GA Lottery Pre-K program, which is a program provided by the state of GA for children ages 4 & 5. From 8 am— 2:30pm, this program is free for parents and is based upon the BFTS requirements and standards.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp program is all about providing great care for school age kids while they are on break! We believe in fun but we also believe in continuous learning! Our summer program is a great blend of the two!

After School Program

We believe education comes first! We accept students up to twelve years old and will help students with their homework to the best of our ability. The children will have time to play outside as well as engage in games and activities indoors!

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